The Hotel

She applies her makeup at the vanity. She is staring at his reflection in the mirror. He is sleeping soundly, lying on his side, nude with his back towards her. She enjoys the opportunity to study his body from a distance.

He is tall and in superb physical condition with strong legs that wrap tightly around her in his passion. Years of conditioning gives him great strength and stamina. He has no difficulty holding her body in positions that give her gratification.

He reserved a spacious suite in an upscale hotel in Center City for the weekend.

The suite occupies a corner of the top floor, the view looks out onto the historic Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and has a large bedroom separated from the rest of the suite by double doors. She stands at the vanity in her La Perla light green bra and matching briefs, purchased especially for this weekend.

Their relationship started several months ago – a chance meeting at a friend’s cocktail party. He was nice, but quiet. She guessed he was older than her by ten years. His dark brown hair with a hint of gray, added to the countenance of the special forces operator her friend told her he was at some time in his past.

Inquiring more about him during the party, her friend raved on. “Get in line, every woman in here wants to get between the sheets with that guy, even the committed. As far as anyone knows he has no attachments. Rumors swirl around about him being Dakota’s paramour.”

She stopped listening, it was only talk, her mind was made up. She wanted to know more about him, directly from the source.

Watching, she smiled as her friend’s cat wove through the high heels of the party goers and went directly to him. He bent down to caress the cat. She took note of his hands, strong, the hands of a man who did physical labor.  These were the hands of the man she had decided to take on as a lover.

Staring at her image in the mirror, she suddenly became anxious that he would find out about her past and the murder and reject her. He was the perfect lover, sleeping peacefully on the bed they had recently occupied.

Opening the armoire, she selected a pair of formfitting designer jeans in black, and a beige blouse that allowed a hint of the bra to show through. She dressed and held her sandals in her hand, she wouldn’t make a noise as she left the bedroom to go into the suites sitting area.

Her plan was to go out onto the street and look through the high fashion stores lining the shopping district.

Leaving the hotel, she walked along the tree-lined way, her mind was not on shopping. Should she break off the relationship now before it became painful? All her friends seemed to be stuck in difficult relationships, or, no relationship at all. Her mind raced through the different scenarios.

She was in love with him – that was the problem. She knew she would never be able to possess him completely. He was already possessed by something, not of this world.



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